AMD K6-2 400CXT

by Anand Lal Shimpi on November 26, 1998 2:43 PM EST
Tying up the loose ends

With everything described, and the improvements explained, in the end, is the K6-2 400 a better solution than the Pentium II 400?  It all depends on price.  The K6-2 400 is a strong performer, and as long as the cost of the K6-2 400 system remains below that of a Pentium II 400 system, the K6-2 will be the better option, simply because AMD has already guaranteed and shown us (see the Comdex updates) a true upgrade path for the K6-2, the K6-3.  Provided that the K6-3 ships on time, any Super7 purchase now will be fully upgradable to a K6-3 next year, not too bad of an insurance package.  Although Intel's upcoming Katmai, which is due for release sometime in late Q2 of 1999, will be a Slot-1 processor, chances are that you'll want to opt for Intel's upcoming Camino chipset to make use of all of the functionality of that processor so a Katmai upgrade won't be the most economical justification for a Slot-1 system now.  If AMD can keep the prices of the K6-2 400, at least equal to or below that of a Celeron 300A (which can usually be overclocked to 450MHz) then the choice isn't too difficult to make.  Unfortunately, you'll also have to deal with the wonderful Super7 compatibility issues when it comes to video cards...but we'll save that for another day. 

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