AMD has announced availability of the Athlon 220GE and Athlon 240GE processors it announced back in September. Based on the Zen microarchitecture and featuring built-in Radeon Vega graphics, these parts are priced well below $100 per unit, focusing on the mass market, and the new chips have a TDP of 35 W. Coming on the heels of the Athlon 200GE chip introduced earlier this year, the new Athlon 220GE and Athlon 240GE processors increase the performance of AMD’s inexpensive CPUs and make the company’s sub-$100 desktop product line more complete. Just like the Athlon 200GE, the new 220GE and 240GE models integrate two SMT-enabled Zen cores operating at 3.4 and 3.5 GHz frequency (respectively), a Radeon Vega iGPU featuring 192 stream processors operating at 1...

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