Sonnet has started sales of its Solo5G, their first 5 Gigabit Ethernet USB-C dongle. Designed to quickly and easily add support for faster networking to any laptop or desktop with a USB interface, the device is compatible with all three of the major OSes. Adoption of NBASE-T networks is proceeding slowly due to two reasons: expensive Multi-Gig Ethernet switches and sporadic support of NBASE-T by PCs. Fortunately, higher-end desktops as well as gaming laptops are finally getting native NBASE-T support, but when it comes to mainstream and ultra-thin machines, such support is a rare occurrence; so to gain Multi-Gig support they need external USB adapters. A couple of years ago Aquantia (an independent company back then) developed its AQtion AQC111U and AQtion AQC112U USB-to-Ethernet chips...

Aquantia Multi-Gig: Single Chip USB 3.0 to 5G/2.5G Dongles Coming Soon

When discussing networking controllers, often we deal with single chips that convert PCIe to Ethernet. With Thunderbolt, an additional TB controller is needed at either end, increasing cost and...

13 by Ian Cutress on 6/4/2018

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