During Computex 2019, jack-of-all-trades manufacturer Corsair unveiled its brand new range of liquid cooling products to the world with its new Hydro X series. As the demands on current generation components increases in terms of power and heat, the Hydro X looks to offer users a more accessible way into the world of custom water cooling where traditional air cooling and closed loop liquid coolers aren't quite enough. The Corsair Hydro X series of custom liquid cooling products expands across the entire range of parts needed to create a full custom loop which includes a pump, reservoir, radiators, fittings, tubing, coolants, and blocks; essentially everything needed to create a custom loop without needing to mix and match between different manufacturers. What makes the Corsair Hydro X...

Immersion Server Liquid Cooling: ZTE Makes a Splash at MWC

Big data centers are often cooled by air, and large HVAC/air-conditioning machines. The ones near the Arctic Circle can rely on the outside air to help. If a center...

11 by Ian Cutress on 3/12/2018

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